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Silvertone FAQ

1. Where can I get a Silvertone guitar?

Silvertone guitars are only sold through Authorized Silvertone Dealers. You can find your closest dealer by clicking on the “Find a Dealer” icon on the top right of this page.

2. Where can I find more information about Silvertone on the Web?

Silvertone regularly posts news and updates on social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.. There are links to these at the bottom of this page. There is also an active community of vintage Silvertone collectors and fans on the web. Two of the best sources for information on old Silvertones are and

3. Will more Silvertone Reissue Models be available in the future?

Definitely, yes. We have plans for a number of models in our development program. Come back to this site from time to time or follow one or more of our social media pages for news about new model availability.

4. Are the Reissue Models exact duplicates of the original Silvertone models?

Yes – and no. A Reissue Model has the look, tone and vibe of the original, but has updated features to make it a better guitar. Each Reissue Model starts with a vintage Silvertone. We reverse-engineer it by taking accurate measurements, determining the woods used, analyzing the paint and finish, evaluating the hardware and fully documenting the pickup construction and controls components. When drawing up the specs for the Reissue Model, we typically add improvements to bridges, machine heads and neck construction (and sometimes shape). The overall guitar construction is kept as accurate as possible, with the main change being a better neck-to-body joint. Pickups and controls are meticulously made to be exact duplicates of the original. You’ll have all the tone and vibe, but with a better-made guitar that will serve you for many, many years.

5. Why haven’t I seen Silvertone Reissue Models before?

Silvertone Reissue Models are new and have only been in stores since May of 2013. They are made by one of the world’s largest and most respected guitar makers, with over 40? years of guitarmaking experience.

6. Where can I find out prices on new guitars?

For pricing, please contact your Authorized Silvertone Dealer or the international distributor for your country.

7. Can you tell me the value of my vintage Silvertone guitar?

Prices for used and vintage instruments are difficult to determine and change often. Vintage guitar dealers typically have a good feel for the retail and wholesale values of older instruments.  There are also a number of online resources for pricing vintage guitars.

8. Can I purchase a guitar directly from Silvertone, or do I have to buy it from a dealer?

Silvertone guitars can only be purchased from an authorized dealer. For a complete list of current Authorized Silvertone Dealers, use the dealer locater at the top right of each web page.

9. What is the warranty on my Silvertone guitar?

Silvertone guitars have a one-year warranty available to the original purchaser. Click here to view and download the warranty in PDF format.

10. Where can I get replacement parts for Silvertone Reissue Guitars?

Parts and accessories will be available through your Authorized Silvertone Dealer.

11. Will new Silvertone Reissue parts fit on vintage Silvertones guitars?

No. Current manufacturing technology is based on metric dimensions, so most parts won’t be direct replacements.

12. Where can I get my Silvertone guitar repaired?

For warranty service or repair, please return your guitar to the Authorized Silvertone Dealer where you purchased it.

13. How do I make adjustments on my guitar, such as the truss rod, bridge, etc.?

All guitars require normal adjustments at least once a year. We suggest that any adjustments or repairs be done by a qualified guitar technician. Your Authorized Sivlertone Dealer may be able to do the work for you, or suggest a reputable guitar technician that can. Please note that adjusting a truss rod can damage your guitar. This is a very sensitive adjustment and we only cover warranty repairs performed by a qualified guitar tech or Authorized Silvertone Dealer.

14. Can I order a guitar case for my Silvertone guitar?

Silvertone cases can be ordered through your Authorized Silvertone Dealer.

15. What brand and gauge strings do you use on Silvertone guitars?

Silvertone electrics are strung at the factory with GHS light gauge strings: .009, .011, .016, .024, .032, .042

When purchasing any new guitar we always suggest putting on a set of your favorite strings, and getting the guitar ‘set up’ by a qualified guitar technician.

16. How can I submit my thoughts or comments about Silvertone products?

Silvertone is very interested in your opinions regarding our products. Comments can be emailed to Please understand that due to the high volume of email, we cannot offer a personal response to every e-mail we receive.

17. How do I go about applying for a Silvertone artist endorsement?

We are currently working with endorsees that are signed to a major or strong independent label. If you fit into this category, please mail a press kit, including bio, photos, and CD/DVD to:
Silvertone Guitars
Attn: Artist Relations
1329 Gateway Drive
Gallatin, TN 37066
Materials will not be returned, so do not include any one-of-a-kind items. We work closely with our artists, so endorsement agreements are very limited and we cannot guarantee a personal response to every application.

18. How can I become an authorized Silvertone dealer?

For all dealership inquiries, please e-mail your full name, store name, city, state and phone number to Please note that to become an authorized dealer, you must have an existing retail location. Exclusive online dealerships are not considered.