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RBI Music Expands Silvertone Dealer Network

July 1, 2021

Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC, the limited-exclusive worldwide distributor of Silvertone® brand guitars, parts and accessories announced today that Guitar Center will be among the expanding group of dealers carrying Silvertone guitars. The Silvertone brand was created by Sears in 1916 and has been owned by Samick Music Corp. since 2001. Samick Music introduced the Silvertone Classic series, reissues of certain popular historic Silvertone electric guitars, in 2013 and has produced acoustic guitars under the Silvertone name since 2015.

“We have been really pleased with the reception the Silvertone brand has received since we took on distribution last October,” said Brad Kirkpatrick, President of Rhythm Band. “We have expanded the dealer network by over 70 locations in the U.S. and with the addition of Guitar Center as a dealer, and, of course, ‘brick & mortar’ stores opening back up, most musicians anywhere in the country should be able to put hands on a Silvertone.” “Right now, many, but not all, GC stores will offer model 955 dreadnaught style acoustic guitars and a limited assortment of great Reissue electric guitars.”

Rhythm Band Instruments has been distributing musical instruments and music education material from Fort Worth, Texas for 60 years. In 2009, the company acquired the Boomwhackers® brand of tuned musical tubes. In 2016 it bought the Toca Percussion® brand of hand percussion instruments, and, Grover Pro Percussion® became the latest addition to the company’s world-class brands in 2019. Rhythm Band also exclusively distributes a number of other brands, now including Vintage® guitars (U.S. only), Big Joe Stompbox®, Chromanotes® and Kidsplay® world-wide via RBI Music.

“It’s obvious that we took on distribution of Silvertone at an opportune time, but, taking a brand that was almost not being sold to being widely available in over 100 brick & mortar and online outlets in 8 short months speaks to the strength and quality of the brand and the capability of RBI to roll out a line of guitars so quickly,” indicated Rick Taylor, Product Manager for RBI Music. “We look forward to continuing to broaden distribution of the Silvertone line, including material sales outside of the U.S., and are already working with the brand owner on new products for introduction at NAMM.”