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It’s time for honest guitars.

We all got carried away. We had great guitars back in the ’50s and ’60s. Then we went a little crazy. All of us – players and makers alike – started adding features and making demands that drove complexity up, and away. Silvertone guitars represent the honest character of the guitars that created the classic music that still rules today.

They say history doesn’t repeat itself.  We beg to differ. Just like the original Silvertone guitars from the golden age of the ’50s and ’60s, Silvertone Reissue guitars offer a unique sonic and playing experience that will inspire you to express yourself the same way as the rock icons that played the originals did.

The philosophy behind the Silvertone Classic line is to respect the original vintage designs, while improving on previous manufacturing limitations through modern engineering, parts, craftsmanship and most importantly, the opinions of modern guitar players. In other words, Vintage Vibe for the modern player! We think you’ll like the result, plug one in and let us know what you think.

Classic Pickups – Vintage Tone

Pickups on Silvertone Reissue guitars are exact duplicates of the originals. The tone is funky, full and authentic.

Upgraded Hardware

Hardware design has come a long way in the last half-century and Silvertone Reissue guitars give you the advantages of the latest designs, but keep the classic vintage look.

Upgraded Neck and Fretwork

The neck shapes of many original Silvertones were the best available at the time – which means, they were inconsistent. Silvertone Reissue guitars have consistent shapes and precision fretwork to give you the best of modern playability.